Monday, 28 October 2013

Knit City, Vancouver

We were busy at Knit City. It certainly is an event that attracts a lot of people. Well done, organizers Fiona and Amanda! We told a lot of people about silk, the different types, how it's turned into yarn. In short, what makes silk so amazing. Our luscious natural-coloured silks were unique at the show, and attendees appreciated that uniqueness. Many claimed they wanted bibs to catch the drool; "diving into the yarns" was a common desire; we were deemed "Best in Show" by more than one customer. Thank you to all who came to see us at Knit City.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Big Meets Small

This is what happens when a shipment arrives and requires pickup at the airport. This one is from India, so it features the lovely and somewhat curious wrapping and handstitching that are part of their packaging. What you can't see in this image is that the parcel completely fills the passenger side of the car, to the back lid. As we carried, dragged and otherwise wrestled the parcel to the studio more than one person commented that it seemed a rather obvious way to "carry a dead body"... The yarns and fibre are exquisite; worth the effort.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Preparing for Knit City, Vancouver

We're preparing for Knit City, a knitters' and spinners' conference in Vancouver. This is the second annual, and to say it's popular is a bit like saying it rains a little bit in Vancouver (OK, not for about 4 months now, but usually.....) We've been a blur of activity, winding skeins of yarn, preparing treasure boxes, assembling kits, compiling our booth's furniture, lighting and bits/pieces, and generally getting ourselves ready. We've been warned to "gird our loins", that if we think we know how busy it will be, to think again. This is the first public appearance of Sanjo Silk, and we're pretty excited to make your acquaintances. Bring it on. We're ready!

Knit City,
Sat. Oct. 26, Sun. Oct. 27, 10-5 both days
Croatian Cultural Centre
3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
We're Booth 35

Saturday, 5 October 2013

May we introduce...

The secret’s out. There’s a new silk yarn merchant in Vancouver-town.

If you’re a weaver, knitter, felter or spinner, Sanjo Silk will be your go-to when you’re looking for the highest quality natural and ready-to-dye silks. We’ve been busy stocking shelves with the most scrumptious silk yarns you’ve ever seen. High lustre super-slubs and crazy Fluffy Dots for texture. All manner of Essentials: 2.5/1 Singles, 30/2, 20/2, high-twist cords. Blends of Silk with Linen, or Wool, or Camel, or Mohair. Super soft, luxurious spinning fibre. Dang, this stuff is good. 

Come and see, or better yet feel, this luxury at The Silk Weaving Studio. Granville Island, on the waterfront, next to the Sandbar Restaurant.

Meanwhile, we're working feverishly to get our website up and running. From there you'll be able to order online, and have all this deliciousness delivered to your door.We'll let you know here when it's up and running.