Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Knit City 2014

The Knit City conference took Vancouver by storm over the past weekend - Oct. 4 & 5. This year it moved to a new a much larger venue, having completely outgrown their original venue in just 2 years. Although everyone complained about the horrendous lighting, the spaciousness of The Forum at the PNE was much appreciated.

We had many-many visitors to the Sanjo booth. Lots of people buying silk for special projects, kits (so appreciated for their simplicity - all you need except the knitting needles, in one box), spinning fibre, and lovely silk bits and pieces. Lots of new customers, learning about Sanjo and silk for the first time; lots of returning customers, enjoying the plentitude of saturated colours we had this year to compliment the always-beautiful natural, undyed yarns.

We loved the diversity of the knitting crowd gathered at Knit City. There were young and old, steam-punk and handbag-ladies, traditional and uber-innovative. So great to have this mish-mash of creative minds in one place, all looking for that thing that would push the Imagination Button for them.

Thanks to everyone who came by to say hi. We had a great weekend. And thanks to Fiona and Amanda of Knit Social for another Herculean job!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Thank you, Handwoven!

Handwoven Magazine has included us in the "Goods" page of their brand new issue - yowzah! Thanks for that, Handwoven! We haven't even seen it yet, but we're already getting enquiries. If you don't know which yarn they're enticing you to investigate, it's this one: 10-006

This is a very unique yarn. It's a 20/2, but it's uneven spun; some parts are somewhat loosely spun, and others are more tightly spun. The result is a subtle variation in texture when it's woven. Lovely in both warp and weft, I often combine it with the regularly spun 10-007   Here's an image that shows how these look when woven together. 
 If you look closely, you can see, in the floats, that the yarns look different from one another. And that the texture is just a bit more varied than what you might anticipate when using regular 20/2. That's because of the uneven spinning. Cool, huh?

Also available in colours