Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Painted Paper

Sometimes we surprise even ourselves with the loveliness of something we create.
Painted paper yarn is one of these things. The yarn is 30-501, a hemp paper 4mm strip yarn. Its country of origin is Japan, and that country perfected the art of making wearable clothing out of paper many centuries ago. Although it looks delicate, and to some degree is, when handled gently it can be immersed in hot water and subject to the rigours of painting with dyes due to the long staples of the fibres used.

Yarns are always beautiful when they're painted, but occasionally a yarn seems to be bigger than the sum of it's parts. 
We're sorry to have to say that these, like all painted yarns, are available only for personal shopping at the Silk Weaving Studio. They're too "limited edition" and variable to represent online. 

Joanne Waters is a Vancouver-based fibre artist. She uses this painted paper yarn to create her magical jewellery.  She generously offered to share images of her work with us. Thanks, Joanne!