Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sari Silk Ribbon!

Sari Ribbon Yarn by Sanjo Silk
It's worth the wait. The first Sari Silk is on the Sanjo Silk website. This is our Recycled Sari Ribbon yarn, 40-013. Why not start with a bang? The strips are about 1" wide, and are machine stitched together for secure joins. The resulting cloth is crunchy and textural. 
Sari Ribbon Yarn by Sanjo Silk
 Go big or stay home, Sistah. Imagine this with either jeans or a stunning black dress.

The skeins are pre-wound, so you need to contact us with your requirements. This garment was made using about 130 grams and an 8mm needle. It's big enough to be a wide cowl. Every skein is different; the variations are part of what makes this yarn so unique.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Paper Yarn!

Check out the latest addition to the Sanjo Silk website. It's a 100% Linen Paper yarn (14-007). It's so very cool, and works up like a dream. It's surprisingly strong; the Japanese have been making wearable paper for centuries, so they know what they're doing. I guess if we had to name this yarn, we'd call it "Russell" for the beautiful sound it makes (yeah, yeah, it's a play on words...get it?)

We're working on those beautiful Sari Silks for the website. They're currently available at the Silk Weaving Studio on Granville Island, so get the jump on them if you're in Vancouver-town. Stay tuned, they're worth the anticipation.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Studio Turned Shearing Shed... sort of...

We just received another wonderful shipment from India. Receiving parcels from India is always an adventure. This time there were 2 huge bales, with distinctive "ears" on each end which we used to drag them into place. It felt kinda like getting a sheep ready for shearing...

The contents are these bales are the most colourful, joyous yarns. Opening the parcels elicited some dancing and singing. I'll write about the yarns later, once I've had a chance to get a camera onto them.

Needless to say, the sheep has been sheared...

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Fabric for New Year

We have something very exciting and new with which to greet 2014. 

We have 2 new fabrics on the Sanjo Website.

The first is a 100% Wool Gauze. This lightweight, gauzey cloth is delicious in its undyed state; it also dyes beautifully, and looks fabulous when painted. But the real fun comes when you shrink this fabric. You can use resists to limit the fulling to specific areas to get special effects. Play with it! It's irrestible!
Order it here. on the Sanjo website.

The second fabric is no less exciting. It's a 100% Wool Broadcloth. This fabric is so smooth and sleek and un-itchy that we can't believe it's wool. It has a slightly crisp drape and makes a stunning garment. Or you can paint a big piece and use it as a shawl. Go to the Sanjo website to see the details.