Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas to All

From all of us at Sanjo Silk, have a wondrous holiday season. And grand wishes for oodles of creativity in the coming new year. (Featured yarn: Sanjo Silk 20-056 50/50 Silk Wool 12/3)

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Shopping

 I had the dearest man come into the Silk Weaving Studio today. He walked in, looked at a few scarves, and with his back to the baskets, shelves and cubbyholes groaning under the weight of yarn asked, "Do you have anything for knitters?"

Do we? DO we??? So many yummy yarns. Colours. Blissful naturals. Wild silks. Cultivated silks. Kits. Yikes! Beginner knitters. Expert knitters. We've got stuff for every knitter on your list. 

He snapped up 2 kits. The O-Scarf, and the Kyla Hat. "These are perfect. I can't believe it. A one-stop shop!" He paid in cash because, he said, at this time of year, it's the only way he can keep his purchases secret. "She's our banker." 

We hope she loves them.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Knitting Kits at Sanjo Silk

Sanjo Silk has knitting kits. Yes indeed we do. In all cases the kits include the pattern (with ample photographic images), the required yarn to complete the project, and in most cases, the accessories (like beads, rings and buttons). This photo shows the ever-popular Rain Shawl, an intermediate knit that makes a luxurious and elegant wrap, complete with beaded accents.

Our kits range from simple to intermediate. They all feature lush Sanjo yarns. In some cases (as shown above) the yarns are undyed, superbly lovely in their natural colour. 
 In other cases, we combine our yummy handpainted yarns with solids. Sometimes you knit them together (Kyla hat) and in others they form separate parts of the pieces (e.g. fingerless gloves). For now, the handpainted kits are available only at the Silk Weaving Studio

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Now Available

They're now in the shop, at the Silk Weaving Studio. And they look pretty scrumptious. 4 colourways. The one above is blues, russets, greys and goldy browns. We're imagining how knockout this would be knitted into a go-with-jeans accessory. Luscious mohair silk and Fluffy Dots.
Fuchsias, golds, blues and greens here. The yarn in the centre of the photo is Sanjo's 20-060. It looks so beautiful painted, 'cos the tussah golden forms an underlayer that makes the coours look so rich.
These greens are cheeky and colourful. They're kissed with plummy purple and brassy golds. Lovely. The mohair silk and the silk mohair nylon are glorious.
Plum purple, blue purple, soft turquoise and toffee. So yummy. Especially the boucle.
 And of course, painted bombyx spinning fibre. This is the most gorgeous spinning fibre we've ever painted. It's really lovely.

We've also put lots of the painted yarns into kits, but that's for another post.