Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Shopping

 I had the dearest man come into the Silk Weaving Studio today. He walked in, looked at a few scarves, and with his back to the baskets, shelves and cubbyholes groaning under the weight of yarn asked, "Do you have anything for knitters?"

Do we? DO we??? So many yummy yarns. Colours. Blissful naturals. Wild silks. Cultivated silks. Kits. Yikes! Beginner knitters. Expert knitters. We've got stuff for every knitter on your list. 

He snapped up 2 kits. The O-Scarf, and the Kyla Hat. "These are perfect. I can't believe it. A one-stop shop!" He paid in cash because, he said, at this time of year, it's the only way he can keep his purchases secret. "She's our banker." 

We hope she loves them.

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