Sunday, 1 December 2013

Now Available

They're now in the shop, at the Silk Weaving Studio. And they look pretty scrumptious. 4 colourways. The one above is blues, russets, greys and goldy browns. We're imagining how knockout this would be knitted into a go-with-jeans accessory. Luscious mohair silk and Fluffy Dots.
Fuchsias, golds, blues and greens here. The yarn in the centre of the photo is Sanjo's 20-060. It looks so beautiful painted, 'cos the tussah golden forms an underlayer that makes the coours look so rich.
These greens are cheeky and colourful. They're kissed with plummy purple and brassy golds. Lovely. The mohair silk and the silk mohair nylon are glorious.
Plum purple, blue purple, soft turquoise and toffee. So yummy. Especially the boucle.
 And of course, painted bombyx spinning fibre. This is the most gorgeous spinning fibre we've ever painted. It's really lovely.

We've also put lots of the painted yarns into kits, but that's for another post.

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