Thursday, 5 July 2018

Shopping from Home

For those of you who don't know, Sanjo Silk has quality sample cards that allow you to view, fondle and learn about our extensive range of beautiful silk yarns. We know how difficult it can be to look at a photo of yarn and try to imagine what it's really like. Is it really as lustrous as it looks in the photo? How fine is this yarn compared to that yarn? I'd really like to be able to look at a few of the yarns together to see whether they get along. When you have a Sanjo quality sample card in your hot little hands, all this and more is possible.

What are some other great things about our sample cards? There's lots of information about each yarn on the cards - the quality number (which makes it easy to find on our website), the content (how much of each fibre, whether the silk is bombyx or tussah or muga), the weight of the yarn is both metric and Imperial. Sure, you can find all this information on our website, but this gives you a handy way to quickly compare and contrast yarns without having to dance back and forth between web pages.

And of course, the best reason to have a set of Sanjo quality sample cards is so that you can sit in your favourite chair with your favourite beverage and dream about the beautiful things you'll make. That's the beginning of the creative process. It all starts with that little spark.

Good news! There's also a set of Sanjo colour cards to help with your colour selections!