Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sari Silk Ribbon!

Sari Ribbon Yarn by Sanjo Silk
It's worth the wait. The first Sari Silk is on the Sanjo Silk website. This is our Recycled Sari Ribbon yarn, 40-013. Why not start with a bang? The strips are about 1" wide, and are machine stitched together for secure joins. The resulting cloth is crunchy and textural. 
Sari Ribbon Yarn by Sanjo Silk
 Go big or stay home, Sistah. Imagine this with either jeans or a stunning black dress.

The skeins are pre-wound, so you need to contact us with your requirements. This garment was made using about 130 grams and an 8mm needle. It's big enough to be a wide cowl. Every skein is different; the variations are part of what makes this yarn so unique.

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