Saturday, 20 December 2014

Ho Ho Ho

We've been silent for sooooo long! It's so uncustomary for us. Believe me, if you'd been in the studio during this time, there was anything BUT silence! It's been a busy-busy time, dyeing beautiful yarns, finding new and lovely things, keeping up with your orders and requests, trying out new yarns. Yes, anything but silent.

We thank you for a tremendous year. You've made us feel loved and appreciated. We're very fortunate to be part of this wonderfully innovative and supportive community. We wish you all the very best of the season, and are sending "creativity dust" out into the universe to help us have a 2015 full of extra-breathtaking things.

P.S. There are a whole whack of new things being added to the website in the early new year. Keep an eye on us - there's a whole lot of newness coming. Eveything from new spinning fibres, to basic yarns, to uber-cool texturals. Can you tell we love doing this?

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