Monday, 30 March 2015

Ooh, Everyone Loves a Sale

Limited time offer! We're selling our cones of undyed 100% Bombyx Silk 8/2 at 20% off. We just have too many, so our overindulgence becomes your advantage. This is a heavy, lovely yarn. At 8/2, it's hardly what you'd call a "chunky" yarn, but in the silk world, this is considered fairly heavy. Knit with it. Weave with it. Or just sit and look at it and let inspiration carry you away for a while...
10-005 on Cones
P.S.  we're just working on 2 new knitting kits, a shawl and a scarf, that use this yarn. Stay tuned. The sample is absolutely glorious.

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  1. Would this be suitable to be used as weft in a baby wearing handwoven wrap? Thank you!