Monday, 7 September 2015

Ceranchia Cocoons - Big & Beautiful

We have a new addition to our roster of cocoons available at Sanjo Silk.

Ceranchia cocoons come from Madagascar. We're supporting a project there that has re-established silk production as a sustainable, ecologically-responsible economy for a region that is much in need.

The men in this region grow the trees upon which the silkworms feed, and they rear these silkworms and gather the giant cocoons. The women then turn the cocoons into beautiful panels of stitched-together amazingness.

The cocoons are double - an outer layer, and a separate inner layer. The outer layer is larger (about 3 1/2" X 2 1/4") and lacy. The inner layer is slightly smaller and more densely spun. The otherworldly gold colour is the natural colour of these beauties.

At Sanjo we have both the individual cocoons (which we provide in packages of 5), and the beautiful panels, which come in a 1 metre X 1 metre size, or a 1 metre X 3 metre size. The panels are currently on display at the Silk Weaving Studio on Granville Island. The cocoons are available on the Sanjo Silk website.

Not only are they stunningly lovely, but you can get a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that you're helping to support a group of people half a world away.

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