Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Knit Swatches

The Sanjo Silk yarns always look lovely on the cones and in skeins. But fibre artists justifiably want to know what they look like when they're made into something. So we create handknitted swatches of most of our yarns just so people can touch them and see how gorgeous they look.  Each one is handknitted, then blocked, and then it's photographed (for the Sanjo Silk website), and taken to the studio to display alongside the yarn.

Here you'll see a few really lovely yarns in action. Top left is a silk/alpaca; this is the closest thing we have to a "100-Mile Yarn". The alpaca is from Salt Spring Island, and the yarn is spun on Vancouver Island. Both of these places are within 25 miles of Vancouver.

Top right is Fluffy Dots. This yarn is gaining fame because of it's wonderful, quirky texture.

Lower left: Silk Gima, which is a flat yarn consisting of several finer, somewhat firm yarns loosely adhered. As you work with this yarn, the finer yarns sometimes separate, sometimes don't, giving it an intriguing look.

Bottom right: one of our favourites. It's a 15/2 tussah that we use in weaving all the time. It's stunning when it's machine knit. And here, you can see that it's also stunning handknit.

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