Friday, 1 November 2013

Knitters discover our Noil Fleck

Wind, wind, wind. We sold this yarn, 20-090, like crazy at Knit City. Frankly, this was a surprise. It's not a yarn we considered to be a knitting yarn. But it's superbly beautiful, a fact that knitters didn't ignore. They told us they would be knitting it into open, lacework overlayers. They told us they would be pairing it with mohair, noil and other yarns to create the perfect texture. They told us they would be looking and waiting to see what inspired them with such a yarn. So we've been spending some time winding skeins of this luscious yarn to replenish the empty space that it once occupied. We at Sanjo have always loved this yarn, so it's delightful to see that others love it too.

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