Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Convergence 2014!

Wow! Sanjo was just at Convergence 2014 in Providence, Rhode Island. The conference was from July 16-19, and we had a smashing time! Sanjo was something new for the attendees, something soft, natural, beautiful and completely irrestible. The result was that we sent a lot of people home with lovely new silk yarns to play with, inspired by the weaving and knitting we had to show.

The most popular yarns were 30-011, 20-090, 10-205 and 40-001. You can see that people were buying interesting yarns for creative pursuits - you people have good taste! We also sold out of our quality cards, which we will have on the website asap.

By the way, we have put the e-silk (silk-wrapped elastic; makes crazy textures. more on this later) to the website. This was such a popular yarn at the conference that we sold out almost immediately, so now you can get this great yarn online.
We're exhausted, but thrilled that you gave us such a great welcome. Thank you to everyone who came to Convergence and helped make out journey to Rhode Island such a success.

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