Wednesday, 6 August 2014

E-Silk - Wonder Yarn

Hey, this is one of the yarns we sold out of at Convergence 2014 in Rhode Island. It was a bit viral... Once a few people bought it, word got around and before you know it, we were sold out! We brought a bunch of our handwoven pieces with us to the conference to show people how to use the more unusual yarns, and this e-silk - 10-205 - got oohs and ahs.

This is such an amazing yarn. We use it in the weft. I've used it in the warp, but it's not for the faint of heart - weft is a no-brainer. You can just weave it as though it was any old silk yarn. But when you wet-finish your piece, ooh-la-la, the texture!
This scarf shows wide bands of solid e-silk in the weft. This creates bands of very elastic weaving, which gives a very refined texture, as you can see. The contrasting yarns are forced up into relief, and create bumps, ridges, bubbles and all kinds of fun.
Here's another one, where elastic has been used in part of the scarf to create abundant texture.

We have it in 2 colours - Ivory and Black. The yarn is very, very fine, so we find that these 2 colours work well with all the many-many colours we use in our weaving. It comes pre-wound onto bobbins, so all you have to do is start playing! So c'mon! Get some!

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